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The HOW Institute & BeNovate join forces to respond to the The New Normal

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The HOW Institute and BeNovate are happy to announce their new privileged and focused partnership under the name “ADVUCA © “

Both companies and their teams have a rich experience as entrepreneurs, innovators (Inno-Preneurs), mentors, facilitators, consultants/advisors, researchers and last but not least as executive coaches in different sectors and industries within international contexts.

Their complementarity in personality and competences are a perfect fit for positively & sustainably designing and co-creating the “New Emerging Normal” and the resulting operating models to address companies and societal transformational challenges.

ADVUCA© has thus a strong set of competences and value propositions supported by their own and by industry leading proven next-generation methodologies & frameworks to efficiently address their customers transformational and strategic repositioning challenges.

As traditional coaches, consultants and trusted advisers we regularly refer to the acronym ‘VUCA’ to describe the altered context in which the world operates mainly since the millennium turn. In response to that new reality, we are a new breed of trusted advisors: We are AdVucators ©.

Why we took this initiative ?

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the world will have dramatically changed at many levels, including business and the economy, and together we become increasingly aware that we will not simply get back to the situation as before.

This very new and very emotional context will become “The New Normal”, even if some poaches of sometimes high resistance will remain as in every change transformational process. And this New Normal can only be a better normal as we all know that returning to the old normal is not sustainable (Back is NOT the way forward).

This major disruption urges us to find a new balance in and between how we work, consume, eat, exercise, manage our health, socialize, and spend our free time - at an unprecedented rate of change. Entirely new habits & regulations will thus more than probably emerge. We ran in a rather violent way in Shumpeter’s concept of accelerated “creative destruction” that will propel us in a radical new era and related economic cyclical context.

As a company can most of the time only make business within existing regulation and according to customers’ jobs-to-be done and problems to be solved (the conditions for a market to exist) - which will be highly influenced and altered by these new habits - a strategic repositioning with great agility will be a matter of survival for many companies.

Additionally, companies face huge challenges due to the almost complete shutdown of the economy for weeks and months and are already radically changing their operating model in a fire-fighting mode, and not necessarily along a carefully developed plan. They now need to refuel their plane while in mid air, which means that in addition to the fire-fighting mode they need to rethink their mid and longer term strategy.

At the same time it appears that many entities were surprisingly quick in adapting to the new situation by transforming their old monolithic governance models into much more agile, adaptive and innovative and self-organizing behaviours. Right now, the crisis seems like an accelerator for digital and organisational change, that was already underway . . . the surprise has been to see the resistance to this change suddenly evaporate. What organizations resisted for a decade is now core to survival and innovation. It is exciting, because this digital and agile mindset will persist, and as already mentioned it is highly unlikely companies will try or will be able to entirely return to what worked prior to the pandemic.

As we are also convinced that we can’t create The New Normal with the thinking and the tools of the past (The Old Normal - Remember Einstein), The HOW Institute and BeNovate decided with the ADVUCA © initiative to develop an ‘outside the box’ offering to guide organisations, companies, communities and individuals on their complex journey towards the new emerging normal while increasing their resilience.

In consequence, many companies will be, whether they want or not, challenged in a near future to reinvent themselves; they need to grow into a more resilient future under these VUCA conditions.

We can’t expect the world becoming easier to navigate again anytime soon as also illustrated by the World Economic Forum's world risk report, and the emergence of so called black swans (like the 2008 financial crisis) and green swans (like the current pandemic but also other environmental threats) will accelerate and the time between them will decrease.

As Advucators, we embrace this brave new VUCA world with all it’s challenges with our creativity, competence, and life-affirming attitude.

Be welcome to be part of our adventure and discover our offerings !

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