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Our vision_

Our vision is to create a more  ethical, human centered, sustainable, and gratifying economy for our customers, where individuals as well as businesses can grow on purpose, endowed with high personal and organisational resilience, and where technology serves people and not the other round.  In other words, building the leadership and management systems for the 21st century that are necessary to deal confidently with an ever highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Our mission_

As Advucators, we are your trusted advisers, coaches and navigators. 


Our team relies on its long, diverse and complementary experience as serial entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, consultants, coaches and mentors to assist companies and their executives in strengthening their organizations by applying our experience and our frameworks and toolsets to their transformation capacities, innovation culture, intelligent use of technology, human centered product-service-process design, strategic alignment, agile organisational design and purposeful, transformational and servant leadership. 


Increased productivity, better resilience and high attractiveness for talented people are core benefits of our contribution.

Our core values_ 
01. Inclusiveness

We favor collaborations across all boundaries and we strongly believe in the power of connecting people at all levels, regardless of their cultural origin.

02. Empathy

Understanding other people's feelings and emotions and respecting them for who they are is a key foundation to servant leadership

03. Curiosity

Curiosity is the foundation for constant learning and personal growth, and thus for innovation and change readiness

04. Playfullness

Playfulness is part of most human’s nature. Making things playful increases people’s engagement and makes things more effortless and thus less stressful 

05. Design mindset

Design is about dealing with ambiguity, deeply understanding people’s needs and coming up with solutions that provide extraordinary and frictionless experiences to customers, employees, partners, users..

06. Ethical responsibility

Caring about the natural and social environment in which a company operates will preserve the very foundation of sustained value creation

07. Resilience

The ability to quickly adapt to increasing numbers of external shocks in a complex, ambiguous and uncertain world is key for long-term well being and also survival

08. Courage

In a VUCA world, courage is needed to take bold decisions and lead people confidently under uncertainty; courage thus being a key ingredient for resilience. To be courageous also requires to be authentic.

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