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Our unique IP:

Tools, methodologies and frameworks

The main focus of our work can be summarized as follows: 


  • Creating strategic alignment by developing the right transformational innovation capabilities to support your strategic and operational competitiveness.


We do this by applying a set of proven methodologies, frameworks and toolsets, some of which exist in the public space and some of them, the most important and impactful, having been developed by Advuca partners © past 20 years and used successfully on Blue-Chip type Customer assignments.


As Advucators, we take a combined advisory-coaching approach, as we are convinced that in the VUCA world both parts need to be approached together and aligned on each other: Applying the right transformational management & innovation techniques to guarantee economic performance and a new competitiveness with the right people in each role and by developing the right corporate culture and servant leadership style.

The following infographic illustrates in one picture our hybrid and holistic performance model:

Innovation & Transformational Capability assessment


Most successful Digital Innovation and Transformation programs start with some sort of formal or informal assessment that provides an objective view that can be used to put together an action plan to make Strategic Innovation happen in your company.


That’s why we use a 6 area high qualitative and scientifically developed Transformation Readiness Capabilities Assessment in the form of an online survey that should be completed by all C-level members. The result is a personalized corporate report comparing your results with many other ( > 350 …) companies in our benchmark database including some high level first recommendations. You can perform the  the survey here (for free for one C Level per company)  and also download a sample report here

CIBAM (Conjunctural Innovation to Business Alignment Model ) ©

In order to define where to concentrate your company’s innovation capabilities on, we take a data driven and proven approach by classifying your company’s business units / high level offerings into different nested conjunctural cycles.


These cycles have been scientifically proven to exist and following them for targeting innovation capacities is the most professional  and qualitative advice that we can give to start with. The nested conjunctural matrix we use for this analysis will clearly show you where to concentrate your transformational innovation capabilities and what type of innovation to focus on for each activity (Product-Service-Process Innovation).


The Advuca difference therefore to classical consulting is that we start with a deep and technical business analysis to make sure that your strategic innovation program  will be focused on the most promising activities according to the nested conjunctural matrix and thus to avoid to lose both your time and resources on the wrong initiatives.

The B-SPARK © 

Once your innovation capabilities and execution resources have been strategically aligned according to the CIBAM © model, you need the right innovation methods and frameworks to make that innovation happen.

That’s where our toolbox “The SPARK” comes in: It is a collection of different modern innovation management methods, tools, techniques that structure your innovation capabilities and also train your people to incorporate innovation into their DNA.


We also consider Organizational Learning as well as Knowledge Management as integral parts of your innovation capabilities, alongside with other tools & frameworks like design thinking, customer-centricity, agile organizational design, value proposition canvas, jobs-to-be done framework, idea selection process.….etc

And last but not least the B-Spark enables corporates to innovate like startups while keeping most of their strategic processes in place ( resource planning, financial planning etc…) !


As our aim is to use our client’s resources in the most efficient way, we will design and include KPIs for innovation performance and for company performance based on the recommendations we make.


It is absolutely crucial that your company has a continuous monitoring system on where to concentrate your Transformational innovation efforts, how these efforts perform and what their impact on overall company performance is.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure 

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Performance coaching (B-IB & B-4LFs)

As we all know, humans are complex beings and especially if they are asked to operate in a team environment, the potential for conflicts and dysfunctions is huge. Understanding how communication works as well as understanding the role but also the positive impact of emotional intelligence in group dynamics is therefore another indispensable ingredient to make all transformational effort work.

Avduca uses a unique next generation and integrated 3D Coaching methodology (own IP and used in assignments with top leaders from blue-chip firms …) which is partially based on the theory of irrational beliefs (B-IB) that identifies every human being as belonging to 1 of 9 predefined IB profiles in terms of their emotional intelligence as well as their relative strengths and weaknesses while interacting with others. And on the other side on the B-4LF leadership foundations where greatness in leadership can be developed with our coaches when combined with our EQ development method B-IB.  


The outcome helps leaders to be equipped with a higher EQ, more servant and impactful and helps to create the best leadership operating system where teams and contributors perform on an optimal way within the different day to day management but also transformational  innovation activities alongside the priorities defined in the CIBAM nested conjunctural innovation matrix !

The following picture shows the different leadership foundations that make great leaders and the formerly identified IB profiles will exactly identify on which part of the foundations a leader has probably already some natural assets to perform at a high leadership level 

Bottom line

Together, our methods and tools form a unique holistic and systemic framework for developing companies, organisations and their people for better performance, collective sensemaking while making their workplaces a great place to be.

We truly believe that today, companies need trusted advisors that are able to deliver methodological and strategic support throughout the value chain as well as people centred performance & leadership coaching, all in an uncertain and fast-moving (VUCA) world. 

That's why we are Advucators.

TC Asessment
B-IB & B-4LFs
Bottom line
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