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Transformational Capability Assessment 

Take our free online assessment for CX0s

As a starting point to your transformation journey, we invite you to take our freely available online assessment questionnaire (you can find a sample report there as well). 

If you want  to get your own more in depth-results, including a benchmark with hundreds of other companies, just send us an email and we'll be happy to set up a personalised feedback meeting.

Why transformational capacities are so important

The global social, economic and environmental context of the so-called  VUCA world pushes many companies to embark now on a deep "Transformation" journey 
affecting a number of traditional beliefs and governance principles in management and leadership.

Before the Covid19 crisis we observed already that a high  70% of enterprises will not achieve results (sources : Gartner, McKinsey, Forbes, BeNovate CXO Assessment, ...), despite good intentions and sometimes huge efforts based on the results of the BeNovate CXO Assessment on Transformation Capability (realized by +- 2700 senior leaders from several hundred large and medium sized companies from diverse industries, and BeNovate being one of the founding partners of adVUCA ) we came to the following conclusion :

The exceptional transformation journey most companies and organizations  currently face triggers  3 major construction sites, by order of priority :


  1. Strategic Alignment : make a coherent endeavour that is in line with the overall business strategy, and not a bunch of dispersed projects,  initiated and driven by the C-level.

  2. Build leadership at all levels, with a real “operating system” of servant leaders, by starting with the executive management team (and potentially also board) to have maximal impact. And remember that transformation is not only about processes, systems, tools and behaviors, but also about beliefs and feelings.

  3. Drive execution in all operations, not just via traditional IT processes and tools as well as traditional management models , but with new types of tools, methods, belief sets  and management models that are able to  address the post Covid  “New Normal” and the resulting generalization of the VUCA world. “You can’t solve today’s challenges with the thinking of the past”

For the 30% of companies that before the crisis were already getting medium (20%) to ineffective (only 10%) results (or: below average results), we can - with the same approach - optimise your transformation journey to help you move much faster and further ahead. Drawing from our own experience (Business Executives and coaches in medium/large, innovative companies and with startups) we provide  solid intellectual property (transformation and leadership coaching methods, facilitation tools & methods, ecosystems, sparring partnering...) to accelerate your transformation journey and make the “New Normal” happen.

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