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New business models and strategic (re-)alignment

In VUCA times, it’s more than ever important to be able to adapt, pivot or generate new Business Models, which requires a company culture that is more “Outside-In” minded than “Inside-Out” and to be of an “Inno-Preneurial” type ...


Due to the sanitary crisis, customer, employee and market behavior will undergo lasting changes. This is another reason why it is so important to adapt business models to the new reality like the circular and Low Touch Economy etc…


Creating more ethical businesses, better serving customers, lowering environmental impact via circular economy models and honest CSR practices, eliminating unnecessary physical contacts, better controlling financial streams throughout the chains and better securing value and supply chains will have to be addressed all together in an interconnected and systemic approach for companies to thrive under the New Normal.


At the same time,  a lack of strategic alignment is, like underlined by the BeNovate CXO Transformational Capability survey, one of the primary reasons (15% ! )  why many business leaders fail to achieve their transformation goals. Strategic Alignment should definitely be on top of your  list as it is an essential step to save time and other resources, while also keeping  employees informed and motivated. The importance of strategic alignment can never  be overstated.  Strategic Alignment involves linking a company’s business environment and related strategy with its resources ( Finance, People, Innovation , Technology/IT etc…) and (organizational) structure to instate  a more efficient governance.


It refers to a state where an organization’s strategy aligns internally and externally, with all its stakeholders/users, marketplace, and customers.

 “Alignment” is the keyword here : your key activities - Marketing, HR, Innovation, Digital/ IT,....)   must align with your company’s  ultimate business goal at every step of your business planning process – from creation to execution.


Symptoms like a lack of market connection, difficulty to design new products/services, low customer/user experience, loss of market share and related revenues, market churn, lengthy product/service development cycles, lack of personalisation options, etc… clearly illustrate a broken strategic alignment throughout the value chain.


Our senior executive Advucators  will help you here with pleasure as we have not only the right own developed and proven methods to plan and align together your business Strategy but also we bring concrete and practical experience having served as CXO’s in different industries .

Questions to be addressed:


  • How to renew, re-align and/or pivot your business strategy & business models to the new reality ?

  • How to ensure the necessary resource allocation and related priorities towards the execution of the evolved strategy ?

  • How to rethink collaboration and competition towards strategic partnerships (like  quickly responding to new market demands) to create new sustainable growth.?

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