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Shared Purpose

Setting the “True North”

In today’s Business environments, a next generation Corporate Culture based on human values, is the deciding factor on whether a company has the ability of being successful or not. For one and a half century the human factor was stripped out from the equation, through streamlining people from their youngest age to be obedient executors of efficiency driven routines. In today's VUCA world this obviously doesn’t work anymore. 

Creating a human centered organisation, driven by a deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence, is a matter of survival. That is why blind efficiency of people has to be exchanged by creating shared purpose among the people through setting the “True North” so that anyone involved in this transformational journey has the intrinsic motivation to make his contribution to  their company’s  success. 

Questions for leaders  : 

  • How to become a next generation socially & environmentally responsible organisation by conviction rather  than by mere compliance requirements ?

  • How to create a real shared purpose embedded in your business strategy?

  • How to integrate EQ development in essential Leadership foundations to become a more successful leader and/or team of leaders? 

  • How to become a true transformative, empathic and servant leader who beyond having followers, creates other leaders ?

  • How to develop and embrace a new individual and collective authenticity throughout and beyond the organisation ?

  • How to increase intellectual, emotional and yes - spiritual capital as the foundation of future resilient organisations ?

  • ...

As Advucators we are uniquely positioned to support you on defining your True North and create the human-driven, participative and supporting mindset in your organization allowing you to strive towards the company’s objective.l


"C" level Executives  are in positions where it is not always easy  to get valid feedback and genuine advice especially in times of heavy transformation driven by Innovation or just business disruption.

While enterprise leadership may have highly qualified people working for them they are still reportees and they need to consider what they say to you in terms of how it might influence their relationship with you and the company. Even under the best circumstances, peers within the organization will often misinterpret a loyal trusted relationship with a subordinate manager. 

Advuca trusted advisors & coaches, after building a peer relationship with you, due to their own proven experience and empathic behaviour, provide a number of valuable benefits to improve as a manager and a leader for example in following domains where we : 

  • help to be effective during times of change and can serve as an independent sounding board in helping you achieve a new level of performance.

  • help you sharpen skills, particularly on the fly, that a new role requires for you 

  • can help you develop new ways to handle new but also traditional problems

  • help to develop your Emotional Intelligence combined with a strong Leadership foundation and overcome hurdles for a  better overall performance.

  • help you get to the root cause of a problem and make fundamental change when you and your staff are frustrated or burned out.

  • ...

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