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Accelerate Transformation through improved Innovation

Command-and-control cultures, top-down decision making, lack of trust in people’s creativity, skills and passion, organizational silos and closed boundaries are the enemies of innovation. 


The disruptive times we are living in, where whole markets and companies can disappear overnight and where the economy is increasingly exposed to the so called black & green swans that are totally out of their control, call for a strong innovation capacity, including complete reinvention if necessary. 


Agile management with self-organizing teams, New Work hacks, collaboration, openness & transparency, constant learning as well as embracing a startup culture are the behavioral ingredients for fostering this much needed innovation culture and capacity. And, leadership commitment, organizational alignment and a clear business strategy are the inevitable ingredients for making bold innovation happen. 

Questions to be addressed:

  • How to create and better manage new opportunities by strengthening your innovation capabilities and set up a structured funnel for innovative products , services , processes,  etc...that will strengthen competitiveness.


  • How to use design research and design thinking to accurately capture and respond to the changed behaviors and market conditions in order to design the right products, services and processes ?


  • How to speed up time to market via rapid prototyping and testing of Minimal Viable Products (MVP) design to accelerate business recovery ?


  • How to design new types of innovation ecosystems and partnerships to accelerate go-to-market ?


  • How to embed your Innovation strategy into a more overall agile Business Strategy ?

To do so, companies must adapt their  approach to their innovation strategy by 

  • Aligning innovation strategy and goals to business strategy and objectives

  • Creating safe spaces for innovation without fear for failure (a culture of trial and error)

  • Training & teaching teams on state of the art innovation frameworks, methods and processes and providing them with the necessary tools 

  • Allocating the necessary resources to innovation systems and processes  and choose the right team(s) of 'Inno-Prenneurs'

  • Becoming radically customer-centric

  • Driving and sustaining a culture for change

  • Constantly capturing and generating value from external knowledge (open innovation)

  • Sharing success stories throughout the organization to drive successful reapplication 

  • ...

As  AdVucators, we help Innovation Executives and their teams to put in place this innovation system (culture, tools, inspiration, ecosystems etc..)  and develop the necessary “hard & soft” skills to develop pragmatic "Inno-Preneurial" strategies to get concrete "SMTM" type results from Innovation…

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