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Collaboration formats

Flexible collaboration formats

​We are very flexible in terms of how we work together with our clients, onsite, online or mixed, but here are a few common formats that we regularly engage in:

  • Transformational capabilities assessment

  • Half- to 2-day workshops (different subjects)

  • 1-4 week deep dive programs (different subjects)

  • Road-map & program design

  • Workforce development

  • Individual and Team Coaching

Working & Interacting under The New Normal

As Advucators highly privilege personal and qualitative contacts in interactions with our clients and their teams. But as we all know, work habits have considerably changed since the emergence of the Corona pandemic. Much more work and related interactions are done remotely, conferences and other live events, if not cancelled, are being transferred online and some of those changes are probably part of a new reality : The New Normal....

As a first priority, we obviously  respect all sanitary rules in our direct contacts with prospects, partners and clients. We are however also equipped, infrastructure wise and process wise, with all the tools and methods that are necessary to execute t an important part of our mission remotely. 

To do so, we use different cloud based digital collaboration tools, such as:

Social media type project management tools for planning, communication and document exchange

  • Effective video conferencing tools such as Google Meet, MS Teams and Zoom 

  • Online brainstorming and white-boarding tools

  • Polling, voting and ideation management tools

  • And a series of other more specialised tools as needed by project’s context.

  • And of course, we are flexible and adapt, if needed, to the digital collaboration tools that you might already use

We are thus not only fully prepared but immediately ready to interact with you in this new TNN (The New Normal) Era !

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